Workshop 1.  Title : The Scavenger Hunt: Is it an effective tool to teach & learn about collaboration?

Abstract: This workshop examines the use of a Scavenger Hunt to teach MLIS & MSc Students at UCD about the concept of collaboration from a Management perspective. The tools, techniques and outcomes of this exercise can applied to multiple management, teaching and learning environments. 


About Jane: Jane Burns, has over 20 years’ experience as a Library & Information Professional. She has worked in a number of different library environments including Third Levels, Government, Educational, Science, Digital Media and Health Sciences. Jane is a member of the Executive Council of the Library Association of Ireland and the Continuous Professional Development Committee. She was awarded Fellowship Membership of the Library Association of Ireland for her role in contributing to the development of the profession and her commitment to Continuous Professional Development and Research in 2012. She is a past committee member of the Academic & Special Libraries Committee and is the Business Manager for An Leabharlann. Jane’s current role is Research Manager at the Health Professions Education Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She is also  an Occasional Lecturer at UCD School of Information Studies. 


Contact: Twitter: @JMBurns99 LinkedIn: 

Workshop 2. Filling the Empty Cup: Fundraising in Recessional Times
Jessica Eustace cook - SFI Research Support Officer - Trinity College Dublin 

Abstract: This practical workshop will provide tips and tricks for fundraising for events or functions. The session will work through the various stages of identifying, approaching and aquiring partners who will provide funding or sponsorship.

Particular focus will be given to developing a strong product or brand, in which the Librarian can feel that they are providing a good business case for investment in their event. An overview of what basics should be included in developing your product will also be covered. The speaker will also highlight several conferences which can be used as templates for small medium and large events to help provide a guide for new fundraisers. Developing a project plan, with realistic timelines, will be another theme and the importance of having a strong support team, with defined roles. Suggestions will be made throughout the session for different project planning tools and organisational aids for event planning. E.g. basecamp, spreadsheets, google docs, skype. This session will be useful to individuals or teams who have an event in mind or for those wishing to develop into this area. 

Workshop 3. Social Media Brand Voice
Roy Murray - Digital Marketing Executive, An Óige                                     

About Roy: Roy Murray was abandoned at the doors of Trim Public Library by his hard-working parents and with the help of numerous librarians over the years he learned to channel his over-active imagination into some semblance of order. Later on, he noticed that his work path always seemed to veer towards information so he returned to university in 2009 to study Information & Libraries in UCD. After his degree, he was tempted away from the book-shelves by the shiny glamour of social and digital media and he currently uses his information skills to carry the online message of organisations such as An Óige and Wikimedia Ireland.

He has a particular grá for storytelling, collaborative work and promoting services that facilitate alternative activities. He also seriously believes that libraries are powerful and magical places. Despite this, he has managed to avoid the lure of the libraries. He prefers to be known as an Information Professional. He does not want to argue about this term. 


Abstract; Like it or loathe it, Social Media has changed the way that people communicate with each other in the 21st century. Information Providers have found that they must do more than give access to a website if they are to reach people in the middle of a daily information explosion. They must now reach out to us, interact with us and yes, even entertain us, sometimes within 140 characters. This creates many challenges.  Libraries often have many objectives, patrons with many needs and staff with many interests and personalities. How is it possible to speak with one voice and carry the message of your organisation? How can you stay professional when social media seems to thrive on the quirkiness of human character?  Do you have to learn marketing speak? (No!).  Luckily you are Information Professionals, skilled in the process of creating unity from diversity. This workshop will show you how to create a two page Social Media Brand Voice document for your organisation using a collaborative process with your fellows. More importantly, it will unite your staff, create trust in your interns and satisfy your board. It will not tell you whether or not you should use social media.

Contact: Twitter @trimroy

086 348 6997 



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