'Librarians Aloud!'  


'Librarians Aloud' is a podcast produced by Laura Rooney Ferris from the Academic & Special Libraries committee featuring librarians talking about their career paths, what they love about the profession and where the information profession is going.



Episode 12 - Dr Sandra Collins, Director of National Library of Ireland   

Episode 12 - In this episode Laura Rooney Ferris talks to Dr Sandra Collins, Director of the National Library of Ireland.  Sandra traces her career path from her PhD in Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics at UCD school of Mathematics through academia and research to Science Foundation Ireland and on to her role as the founding Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland before joining the National Library. 
She talks about the current work of the National Library working to blend and expand physical and digital collections and to act as the national memory keepers. The talk covers; emerging skill sets and roles for information professionals in managing digital content, the challenge of preserving digital content and why we need to preserve our digital memories. 
Links from this episode: 
National Library of Ireland www.nli.ie/ 
National Library Web Archive collection.europarchive.org/nli/ 
Dr Sandra Collins TED talk www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4mbHb5wqKo 
Digital Repository of Ireland dri.ie/
Internet Archive archive.org/index.php

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Episode 11 - Louise Farragher, Information Specialist with the Health Research Board's Evidence Generation & Knowledge Brokering Unit

Episode 11 - In this episode Laura Rooney Ferris talks to Louise Farragher, Information Specialist with the Health Research Board's Evidence Generation & Knowledge Brokering Unit. The interview covers the role of information professionals as embedded members of evidence generation and research teams, the art of learning on the job and evolving opportunities for information professionals in supporting research and evidence gathering. 
Links from this episode;
Health Research Board; www.hrb.ie/home/ 
HRB National Drugs Library: www.drugsandalcohol.ie/ 
International Congress of Medical Librarianship (ICML) & European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) conference 2017 : eahil2017.net/ 

Episode 10 - Ann O Sullivan @annieosullivan - Knowledge Services Manager A&L Goodbody         

Episode 10 - Laura Rooney Ferris talks to Ann O Sullivan, Knowledge Services Manager of A&L Goodbody and A&SL committee alumni and ambassador. 
Ann traces her career path from academic and corporate libraries to the library and research service of the Houses of the Oireachtas and a legal knowledge services. 
Ann also shares her insights on the development of the Academic and Special Libraries Section and some great tips on easing into networking. 
Links mentioned in the episode; 
Houses of the Oireachtas Library & Research Services www.oireachtas.ie/parliament/about…researchservice/ 
Academic & Special Library Section www.aslibraries.com/

Episode 9 - Siobhan Britton @wigglymittens Talks to Tom Maher         

Episode 9 - In this episode Tom Maher talks to Siobhan Britton @wigglymittens art librarian, artist and zinester. Siobhan is a librarian at St Peters House Library University of Brighton. She talks about her journey to librarianship, the value of unique and special collections, the value of libraries and the threats they currently face. 
Some links from this episode: 
Siobhan’s etsy shop (lots of lovely badges!) www.etsy.com/uk/shop/sluginkpress 
University of Brighton libraries staff.brighton.ac.uk/is/libraries/P…e-Library.aspx 
The feminist Library feministlibrary.co.uk/

Episode 8 - David Hughes - Systems Librarian Dublin Business School        

Episode 8 - David Hughes systems librarian at Dublin Business School talks to Laura Rooney Ferris about his library journey which goes  from trying to grow fruit flies as part of a Phd to electronic publishing and the ministry of defence to becoming Mr Koha in Ireland and developing DBS library's library systems department. David talks about Open Source tools in libraries and the use of privacy protecting tools. There's also the added bonus of a story about a dead pigeon. 

Episode 7 - Ian Clark @ijclark Talks to Tom Maher     

Episode 7 - In this episode A&SL member Tom Maher is on location at #radlib16 in Brighton and talks to Ian Clark @ijclark about his journey to the library world, about information politics and how librarians are playing a part in educating patrons to protect their digital privacy and safeguard against digital surveillance.
Links mentioned in this episode;
Infoism blog: infoism.co.uk/ 
Voices for the library: www.voicesforthelibrary.org.uk/ 
Radical Librarians Collective: rlc.radicallibrarianship.org/

Episode 6 - Jan Parry - Former CILIP president    

Episode 6 - Laura speaks to former CILIP president Jan Parry about her career which has included work in government, health and ministerial information services. She also talks about her groundbreaking work as the only Information Professional on the secretariat of the Hillsborough Independent Panel whose 2012 report revealed new evidence from over 450,000 documents reviewed by the panel. Jan's talk highlights the role information professionals can play in official investigations as keepers of documentary evidence and in providing vital access to evidence in the aftermath of investigations. She also talks about the importance of evaluating impact and advocacy for information services.

Further information links: Hillsborough Independent Panel - report & disclosed material http://hillsborough.independent.gov.uk/

CILIP Impact toolkit http://www.cilip.org.uk/membership/benefits/virtual-learning-environment-vle/impact-toolkit

Episode 5 - Marie O Neill, Head Librarian, Dublin Business School    

Episode 5 Laura talks to Marie O Neill, Head Librarian of Dublin Business School (DBS) about her career which includes academic, government and health libraries as well as time running her own business. Links mentioned in this episode: DBS Library Seminar June 10th sites.google.com/site/dublibseminar/home DBS Library library.dbs.ie/Home.htm

Episode 4 - Aoife Lawton, Systems librarian, HSE & Author of 'The Invisible Librarian'   

Episode 4 - In this episode Laura Rooney Ferris talks to Aoife Lawton, systems librarian of the Irish Health Service Executive and manager of Lenus the Irish health repository. Aoife also talks about her new book 'The invisible librarian: a librarians guide to increasing visibility and impact' and offers tips to other librarians on increasing their impact. 
Links from this episode: 
The Invisible Librarian, buy store.elsevier.com/The-Invisible-L…-9780081001745/ 
The invisible librarian blog - theinvisiblelibrarian.com/ 
Academic & Special Libraries conference programme: www.aslibraries.com/#!asl2016-programme-/nlr8m

Episode 3 - Niamh O Donovan & Stephanie Ronan, Rudai23 

Episode 3 - Niamh O Donovan and Stephanie Ronan developers of the Rudai23 online learning programme talk about how they got into the library profession and the journey of developing and administering the Rudai23 programme.

Links to some things mentioned in this podcast 
Rudai23 - http://rudai23.blogspot.ie/ 

Western regional section Library Association of Ireland - https://wrslai.wordpress.com/

Episode 2 - Tom Maher & Mick O' Dwyer The Forgotten Zine Archive 

Episode 2 - Tom Maher & Mick O' Dwyer the Zine librarians and guardians of The Forgotten Zine Archive talk about their journey to the library world and how they got involved with the Forgotten Zine Archive. We discuss everything from freezing damaged books, 18th century pamphlets, vampires, Flying Nun records, the Forgotten Zine Archive & why zines and libraries are a match made in heaven. 
Links to some things mentioned in this podcast 
Forgotten Zine Archive - www.facebook.com/TheForgottenZineArchive 
Flying Nun records NZ - flyingnun.co.nz/
Oireachtas Library Collections opac.oireachtas.ie/liberty/libraryHome.do 

Episode 1 - Jane Burns, UCD & RCSI   

Episode 1 of the Academic & Special Libraries podcast features Jane Burns and covers the adventures of a librarian taking in everything from soft condensed matter & Taxonomies for Jimmy Choos to Systematic reviews.​