Jan Parry 

HonFCLIP, Immediate Past President, CILIP

Keynote Title: The Essential Role of Information Professionals - Supporting the Hillsborough Independent Panel


About Jan Parry:

Bio: Jan began her library & information career in the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate Library at the Health & Safety Executive, Bootle. She took 3 years unpaid leave to take a degree in Librarianship & Information Management and then moved to the Department of Health Library in London.

After managing two libraries (one Ministerial and one Medical & Social Services), she experienced top level Government work by working directly for Government Ministers. In 1997 she was key to the implementation of a Whitehall-wide ministerial briefing system. After moving to the Home Office in 2001, she worked on various programmes e.g. Home Office Reform, the Tackling Gangs programme, and, as Business Change Manager, evolving the Home Office Library to an Information Centre.

In 2009 she became the only information professional on the Hillsborough Independent Panel's Secretariat where she traced all the bereaved families of the 96 who died, and planned the Panel disclosure at Liverpool Cathedral. The results of the Panel's work showed how information can be used to discover the truth.

Jan's reason for working in the Librarianship and Information world was because it combined information work with helping people. 

“Working for the Hillsborough Independent Panel, I used many of the skills learned in my career and it is probably the best job I have ever done.” 


Abstract: The Essential Role of Information Professionals - the Hillsborough story

Jan will expalin how in 2012 , after 23 years, records and information revealed new information about the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster. She was the only Information Professional on the secretariat of the Hillsborough Independent Panel whose report revealed what was found in over 450,000 documents they reviewed. Jan will talk about the official investigations that followed over the years after the disaster, the formation of the Independent Panel, her role in its work, and the work of the information professionals involved in the background. The work has led to two new ongoing inquiries and a new inquest.


**Please Note - Due to the sensititve nature of some of the aspects of this keynote, it will not be live streamed or made available after the conference. 

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