#ASL2017 - Full Programme 

“Great libraries build communities.” 

R. David Lankes

The traditional role of the librarian was to connect people with information but it has evolved to include connecting people with people. The information profession is filled with sociable and socially-minded people who care about their user communities and often create new ones.

Our #ASL2017 keynotes and presenters show how they have helped build communities, connected people in their organisations and beyond.

Be a sociable librarian and join us on February 16th & 17th   



TIME                 SESSION                                            PRESENTER/SPEAKER/FACILITATOR                          LOCATION
13.30-14.00   Registration - Refreshments, networking, visiting sponsors, poster exhibition   Registration Area/Goldsmith Hall 3


14.00-14.10    Welcome & Introduction                                                                                                              Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

14.10-15.10    KEYNOTE 1 Wellbeing Begins with ‘We’ not ‘Me’: The Benefits of Social Relationships Dr Brenda O’Connell, University of Limerick                      Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

15.10-15.50    Refreshments & Poster Viewing Session         Goldsmith Hall 3

15.50 -16.20    Reels in the attic: the ITMA story that reached millions  Maeve Gebruers, Irish Traditional Music Archive Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

16.20-16.50    Research fellowships as a means of marketing  your library, promoting research and creating communities of readers: an Irish librarian’s experience                                                  Dr Bríd McGrath
Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2


16.50-17.20    Surveys & smileys at the RCSI Library: UX on double duty  Johanna Archbold, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2


17.20-17.30    Book draw and Close                                                                                                                  Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

17.45-19.30    Drinks & Canapés    Hosted by the A&SL Section Committee                                                     Sure Bar



TIME              SESSION                                               PRESENTER/SPEAKER/FACILITATOR                           LOCATION
09.00-09.30   Registration - 
Refreshments, networking, visiting sponsors, viewing poster exhibition        Registration Area/Goldsmith Hall 3

09.30-09.40    Welcome & Introduction                                                                                                           Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

09.40-10.40    KEYNOTE 2 What we did in Ferguson: a warts-and-all telling of stories  Scott Bonner, Ferguson Municipal Public Library   Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2 

10.40-11.00    LIGHTNING TALKS

1. The sociable librarian: connecting & creating communities - Frank Brady & Pauline Murray, Maynooth University 

2. Marching together in an academic world: project collaboration between the libraries in IT Carlow and the Defence Forces -    

Simon Perry, IT Carlow, & Sue Ramsbottom, Defence Forces                                                                        Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

11.00-11.30    Refreshments, networking, visiting sponsors, viewing posters                                              Goldsmith Hall 3

11.30-12.00    National Library of Ireland: building & promoting the Irish web archive    Maria Ryan, National Library of Ireland  

                                                        Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

12.00-12.10    Platinum Sponsor Talk                          IEEE                                                                             Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2 

12.15-12.45    PARALLEL CASE STUDIES (Choose One)  

1. You are listening to Shush! Sounds from UCC Library and that track there was Heaven knows I’m miserable now ... - Martin O’Connor & Ronan Madden, University College Cork

2. The critical role of the librarian in the development of a critical skills community of practice - Lorna Dodd, Maynooth University


3.Better together: your village and your voice -  Aoife Connolly, PwC, & Margaret Irons, School of Celtic Studies, DIAS    

13.00-14.15    Lunch                                                                                                                                      V’n V Restaurant

Networking, visiting sponsors & exhibitors, viewing poster exhibition                                                      Goldsmith Hall 3 

14.15-15.15    PARALLEL WORKSHOPS (Choose One) 

1. Café conversations: using a World Café as a means to facilitate creative ideas in customer care - Laura Connaughton, Maynooth University

2. CoderDojo and libraries: why your library should get involved and how to start your own Dojo - Mark Ward, South Dublin Libraries

3. **Lessons learned in creating e-learning guides for a law firm ***- Esther Walsh, William Fry    

15.25-15.55    Make a connection: be social with your collection    Liam Wylie, RTÉ Archives                  Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

15.55-16.15    LIGHTNING TALKS

1. “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” – Albert Einstein. Bringing the library to the student using an online marketing tool - Sarah-Anne Kennedy, Dublin Institute of Technology


2. Librarians Aloud: creating a DIY podcast to amplify librarian voices - Laura Rooney Ferris, Irish Hospice Foundation, & Michael Ferris, Bar of Ireland                                                                                                                                                      Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2

16.15-16.30    Poster Prize / Best Tweet Prize / Sponsor Quiz Prize / Wrap up and Close                       Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2 

**Please note - for commercial sensitivity this session will not be live streamed & attendees are advised live tweeting, social media posting or broadcast of the workshop content is not permitted