ASL2015 Presentations & Videos





Welcome and introduction by Ann O' Sullivan of the A&SL Committee.   



Please note: Where possible all video recordings for sessions are listed. In the case of  parallel sessions and workshops only sessions held in the Stratocaster suite were recorded.

Where a presentation or video is not available permissions may have been withheld, no powerpoint was used in the session or an alternative version is being sought and will be added at a later date.         

Plenary Speakers 

Keynote 1: Malachy Browne, Managing Editor

Title: Finding facts in the heat of the moment  

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Case Study: Helen Fallon, Maynooth University

Title: Promoting a unique collection, The Maynooth University Ken Saro-Wiwa archive   

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Case Study: Martin O Connor, UCC Library 

Title: Crowd sufring to crowdsourcing: collaboration and Sir Henry's @UCC   

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Case Study: Elaine Bean, Maynooth University  

Title: Bridging the gap between 2nd and 3rd level education

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Case Study: Monica Crump, NUI Galway   

Title: Stepping outside the walls of the library 

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Case Study: Aoife Lawton, HSE Library Dr Steevens    

Title: United we stand, divided we fall, the benefits,value and impact of collaboration  

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Case Study: Hugh Murphy & Michael Leigh    

Title: 3D Printing @ Maynooth University Library   

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Parallel Speakers 

Case Study: Jenny O Neill, Digital Repository of Ireland/Trinity College Dublin     

Title: Librarian as databrarian    

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Case Study: Mick O Dwyer & Tom Maher, The Forgotten Zine Archive     

Title: A community involvement and collaboration case study: The forgotten zine archive  

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Case Study: Dr Fintan Bracken & Arlene Healy, University of Limerick & Trinity College Dublin      

Title: Getting the measure of analytics:Using bibliometrics and usage statistics to evaluate e-journals  

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Case Study: Anne Culhane & Stephanie O Keeffe, Limerick School of Art & Design Library        

Title: Artists books to the community   

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Case Study: Mary Dunne, National Documentation Centre on drug use        

Title: Community collaboration through conversation    

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Pecha Kucha Sessions  

Case Study: Laoise Doherty, Royal Irish Academy of Music Library         

Title: RIAM Library & RIAM Opera performing in perfect harmony     

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Case Study: Mary Delaney, Carlow Institute of Technology  Library          

Title: Digital Literacy And Scholarship: Why Libraries Are Critical to Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education     

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Case Study: Jenny Collery, University College Dublin Library          

Title: Collaborative Relationships - Essential to University Orientation     

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Workshop Sessions  

Workshop 1: Jane Burns, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland & University College Dublin Library          

Title: The Scavenger Hunt: Is it an effective tool to teach & learn about collaboration?

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Workship 2: Jessica Eustace Cook, Trinity College Dublin Library          

Title: Filling the empty cup: fundraising in recessional times 

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Keynote 2: Helen Shenton, Librarian & Archivist Trinity College Dublin

Title: Transformative shifts in libraries 

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