ASL 2019 - Library; Space, Place, or State of Mind?"

When; Friday 29th March 2019

Where: Civic Offices, Wood Quay Venue, Dublin 8

Call for papers now open

Closing Date for Call for Papers - Friday November 23rd 2018

 What is a "library"? A physical place? A virtual space? A state of mind?
We think we know what a library should look like, what it should contain and how it should work, but does that match with the experiences of our users? Or with the people who work in them?
This call for papers is not aimed exclusively at libraries: we would like to hear from cultural institutions, places of business or commercial spaces who work with culture and information or others who have something to say on this topic. 
The A&SL Committee invites submissions on the following topics or any others that may be relevant to the theme:
Submissions might address any of the following themes:

  • Space as experienced by users/customers/patrons – how does space enhance or suppress emotions, creativity, learning? 

  • Space for those who work in a cultural/information environment on a daily basis – how does space affect their work?

  • How do the ideas, concepts and thoughts of architects, designers and planners impact on space and its use – for better or worse?

  • How do we ascertain and incorporate the needs of our known (and unknown) users and employees?

  • Space as a state of mind – how does the physical and virtual environment we work and live in enhance our wellbeing - or not?

  • How does space affect creativity?

  • How does space influence of the creation of community?

  • The Library as a Third or even Fourth Space?

Or indeed any other topic you feel fits with the overall theme
Please complete the Submission form  (on the right) and submit by the Closing Date - Friday November 23rd 2018