#ASL2016 Tweets 

Smashing stereotypes: Librarians get loud! 


Join the A & SL Committee in 2016 as we explode the myths about Librarianship and celebrate the amazing range and diversity of the information profession.


Join the A & SL Committee and our delegates as we explore the topics, which affect us today, this content share best practice, and celebrate the innovation of information professionals.   


When:  Thursday 11th and Friday 12th February 2016
Where:  Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8


Thanks to all our speakers, sponsors & delegates 

To everyone asking for a copy of the fantastic introduction poem here it is 


A Poem for Smashing Stereotypes: Librarians get Loud!


Her hair it is grey

(The hair on her chin)

Her nose it is rosy

(She’s partial to gin)


A kindly old spinster

A grumpy old bat

She lives all alone

(Apart from the cat)


A shy shrinking violet

An awkward wallflower

But she’s read ALL the books

And knowledge is power

No more jam-making

Forget basket-weaving

Under that cardigan

Her bosoms are heaving


Enough with the shushing

She wants to get loud

She’s a woman with needs

She’s out and she’s proud


So cancel the book-club

And IT for seniors

She’s feeling the urge now

Oh God, it has been years


Since she let down her bun

And took off her specs

Watch out now world

She’s gagging for ........

Professional recognition! 


By Laoise Doherty